7 Tips to Make Cleaning Better

Cleaning is annoying and quite fun-free. But with a few simple tricks, the work is much easier for you. We’ll tell you what helps you to clean up.

Housework probably doesn’t really please many people. After all, it’s not particularly exciting, but rather exhausting and, above all, it never stops. Nevertheless, cleaning is a necessary evil. After all, who wants to live in a dirty apartment?

Our seven cleaning tips not only make your work more enjoyable, but they also do it almost by themselves.

Above in the video: With this trick, your garbage can never stink again!

1) Wipe out the beginnings!

When a centimeter thick fat crust has formed in the oven and the dust is thick as a thumb on the shelves, cleaning becomes a competitive sport. So don’t let it get that far in the first place! It’s better to wipe off the stove directly after cooking and briefly walk over the books with the feather duster. So you avoid annoying cleaning marathons in the long run.

2) Set your goals

If it’s necessary to clean properly, don’t do it all at once. This will only harm your motivation, the slumber will set in and the next time you will have even less desire to clean up. Set yourself small goals: today the windows in the bedroom, tomorrow the stove and on weekends the bathroom. This will keep your motivation high and you can be happy about small successes.

3) Put something on your ears

You don’t strain your head much when cleaning, it remains free for input. So that the time you spend with the rag is far less boring, keep your mind busy. Best of all acoustically. With an exciting audiobook, time flies by and the right song makes the mob your dance partner. By the way, headphones are perfect for toning out annoying vacuum cleaner noises.

4) Invest in a vacuum robot or steam cleaner

Steam Cleaning Tips

The small machines reliably relieve you of a lot of annoying work and do not cost much anymore. It’s just a nice feeling to come home after work and find a clean floor. It can also be extremely motivating to watch the guy at work. Before you know it, you stand by your robot friend. Another way to really get some fun out of your cleaning tasks is to use a steam cleaner or steam mop. Our blog is all about these, and we love them for their effective dirt removal and how much fun they are to use. Also, they get rid of bacteria due to their heat and make chemicals unnecessary.

5) Use the moment

There are numerous opportunities to combine everyday activities and cleaning work. For example, if you put your toilet brush in a mixture of water and detergent, your toilet will be much cleaner when you brush it. Or place the bath cleaner next to your shampoo. After showering everything is wet anyway. So why not just foam everything up and rinse it off? Lime stains in the shower are a thing of the past.

6) Consider it a sports program

Cleaning’s a hell of a lot of work. One hour of housework burns an average of 200 kilocalories. This corresponds to a moderate sports program. If you do the really exhausting things like snow shovels or heavy gardening, the number of calories consumed will be even higher. So if you clean regularly, you can simply save yourself the trip to the gym. Because that’s not always fun.

7) Reward yourself

When the apartment is clean and tidy, you deserve a reward. So treat yourself to a great meal or the dress you’ve been keeping an eye on for so long. But really only when all the work is done. That’s the only way self-education works.

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